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812 Dennison Dr, Champaign IL 61820
Beaumont Alignment Plus
1202 W Bloomington Rd, Champaign, IL 61821

Customer Feedback in Champaign, IL


BRADO - 05/11/2009

Beaumont Alignment has serviced my vehicles for years and does an absolutely great job. They have listened and addressed any concerns or questions I may of had promptly and fairly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Tod C. - 07/06/2011

Have been going to Beaumont Alignment for years for multiple vehicles. Always top notch work, always fair pricing. This is the place to go in Champaign Urbana for tires, brakes, alignment, etc.

J M , - 09/26/2013

Took my car to Beaumont for the first time today. They did a great job, and in much less time than they even estimated. What I REALLY liked abut their service, they didn't keep coming to me saying my car needs, "...this extra" or ",,,,that extra". They just did what I asked, and only that. Car drives great and runs great now. I WILL be back to Beaumont in the future.

Yum Y. in Eagle River, AK - 9/28/2015

Beaumont was the best priced place for an alignment. I called around. They finished quickly while I waited & explained to me how the camber was off (because i asked) when my car was ready. They were courteous & did exactly what they said they'd do.

Richard S. in Milton, FL - 7/7/2015

The people here saved my wallets life. After having my fuel line spring a leak I first took it to the Chevrolet dealer who quoted me $970 before taxes to do the job. After picking me jaw up off the floor I left with my car. Then my son in law and his father both told me to take it here. I am so glad they did. Was quoted $630 to do the work and that's exactly how much I paid when I picked up my car today. Everyone there are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and super friendly. Given my cars tendency to have something go wrong EVERY TIME I come up here I think I've found my Champaign mechanics!